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Baddest Boat in the Bay!

25 Miles of Pictured Rocks Cliffs, 360 Degree Spins, Countless Smiles!!  View spectacular cliff formations up close and incredible lighthouses while having unforgettable fun on Riptide Ride.

During our 1½ hour trip capture photos as we stop to admire bald eagles, magnificent Pictured Rocks Cliffs, lighthouses, wildlife and waterfalls.  We’ll break up the trip along the way with some excitement as the jet propelled ride spins 360 degrees delivering even more sensations!! 

Reservations recommended.  Please contact us by phone, (906) 387-8888, or email with any questions or to purchase tickets.


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Have a safe and happy 4th of July! ...

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Stay safe this summer! ...

It's Boating Week in Michigan -- the perfect time to review best practices for safe kayaking on our beautiful Great Lakes! One of the first steps is choosing the right kayak. For instance, Recreational Kayaks are not appropriate on Lake Superior. Instead, choose a Sea Kayak. Why? Cold: Lake Superior is cold year-round. Most recreational kayaks will not stay afloat for re-entry, and hypothermia can strike within as few as 10 minutes. Weather: Lake Superior creates its own weather, which can change even if the forecast didn't say it would. Water can go from smooth to treacherous in minutes. Wind: Offshore winds can push unsuspecting paddlers further from shore, where the same winds will be even stronger and hard to paddle against, leading to exhaustion. Cliffs: In case of fatigue, weather or other emergency, landing or resting places are few and far between (such as Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Grand Island National Recreation Area.) #LakeSmarts #GreatLakesSafety #BoatingWeek U.S. Forest Service - Hiawatha National Forest Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Pure Michigan

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Please call (906)387-8888 with any questions or comments • Our ticket office is located at 1309 Commercial Street, Munising, Michigan

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