Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we see 25 miles of Pictured Rocks Cliffs as we navigate around Grand Island. Our route includes the tallest cliffs in the area and as a bonus you’ll also see two lighthouses!

The ride is strictly limited to ages 3 and up.

The tour is not recommended for anyone with a serious medical condition, back, heart, or neck problems or pregnant women.

Everyone must wear a seat belt and remain seated during the entire ride.

All passengers must fit into a 55″ lap seat belt. 

There are two flights of stairs to walk down to our boat loading area.

No food or drink are allowed on the boat.  (Unless you have a medical condition)

In order to avoid being charged for the full ticket price of each person reserved, you must make any modifications to your reservation at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. This includes changing your ride date or time, decreasing the amount of people coming in your party, or cancelling altogether for any reason. Also, If you don’t show up for your ride, for any reason, you will be charged for your tickets. These policies are strictly adhered to and there are no exceptions.

Yes, we stop at landmarks for narration and allow time for picture taking before we’re off to the next sight.

1 1/2 hrs, $45 for adults, $35 children 3-9.

With such beautiful sights on the trip, we encourage you to take a camera. Just make sure it’s protected since it may get wet along the way.

We do have lots of fun, but keep in mind it’s a family friendly ride for ages 3+. Grandparents have as much fun as young children and teenagers.

On the ride you may experience anything from a light spray to a shirt-wringing splash. It depends on the wind, waves and other lake conditions. If you don’t want to get wet, we suggest bringing a rain coat or poncho.

Since the wind can sometimes be cool, we suggest wearing a jacket or sweatshirt during the ride. If you are concerned about wetness bring a rain coat or poncho.

Unless you have a medical condition, no food or drinks are allowed on the boat.

Unfortunately for the animal’s safety we cannot allow them on board the boat.

You will stay on board the boat during the entire duration of the trip.

Riptide Ride