Tour Highlights

Adventure, sights, and fun. We've got it all!


Trip length:  About 1 1/2 hrs

Bring your camera on board as we explore beautiful historic Grand Island.

The route includes 25 miles of Pictured Rocks cliffs, waterfalls, and two incredible lighthouses, the East Channel and North Light, the highest lighthouse above sea level in the world. 

Along the way we'll stop for narration and photos as our jet boats capture up close views of the tallest Pictured Rocks cliffs in the area.  

You'll be entertained from the moment you step aboard until we return to shore. 

Between sights we'll have a blast with turns, spins, and amazing speed!! Riptide Ride combines the ultimate package of family fun and beautiful scenery.  

We navigate in a full loop.  Around every bend is a new, beautiful sight to enjoy!

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