Wildlife along Our Route

Wildlife along Our route

Our trip navigates the shoreline of Grand Island.  Grand Island is home to very diverse habitats ranging from swamp conifer to hardwood forests.  Due to this variation of vegetation, the island provides a habitat for a variety of wildlife.  Some of these animals include black bear, fox, painted turtle, white-tailed deer, wood frog, salamanders, hermit thrush, pine warbler, pine martin, red squirrel, snowshoe hare, green frog, spotted sandpiper, falcon and bald eagle.

What wildlife will you see along the trip? Bear and deer are a little shy and tend to stay away from the shoreline, but on occasion can be spotted during one of our trips.  Since there are active eagle nests around the island’s shoreline, we commonly see bald eagles during our trips and an occasional view of a falcon flying by.  It is a very rare occurrence if we don’t see an eagle, so be prepared to bring a camera to capture some photos of this iconic bird.

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